Pet Allergies

It isn't just humans that suffer from allergic reactions, during allergy season your pet is just as likely to suffer from them. They need their medication custom made, and that is why it is worth getting in touch with us at Boca Village Animal Hospital where we can help to ease the suffering of your pet.

Allergies in pets are just as easy to spot as in humans with many of the same symptoms. However, one which appears more often than any other is licking or chewing obsessively. These are the symptoms which could be a tell-tale sign that your pet is suffering and needs to be brought into us:

  • Problems with the skin, perhaps being itchy, moist, red or scabbed over where the pet has constantly been scratching at it.
  • You may notice that your pet is scratching more often. If the animal is suffering from a flea allergy then most of the scratching will be centered on the back or at the base of the tale.
  • Bloodshot or Runny Eyes.
  • Oozing from the ears, or other symptoms of ear infection. Your dog could also be scratching the ears.
  • Sneezing
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Increased levels of snoring.
  • Chewing at their paws or constantly licking

 If your pet is suffering from any of these symptoms, allergy related or not then it is likely they are going to be in discomfort. Therefore it is important to bring them to one of our specialists. 

When you bring your pet to Boca Village Animal Hospital we will carry out allergy testing via a simple blood test. We will be able to identify specific allergens which could be causing your pet discomfort. Once the allergen that is affecting your pet has been identified we will be able to customize a treatment plan to help ease the pet's suffering.

Why not make an appointment to have your pet tested for allergies today?


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