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Pet Laser Surgery at Our Boca Raton Animal Hospital

Working with the best veterinarian in Boca Raton gives you the peace of mind you need. At Boca Village Animal Hospital, we understand the need for the best possible treatment and care for all of your pet’s needs. Our Boca Raton veterinarian always works hand-in-hand with you to diagnose conditions, offer effective treatments, and provide the most advanced care possible. That includes pet laser surgery. We take every step possible to reduce the need for surgery, but when it is necessary, laser surgery for pets tends to offer numerous benefits.

What Kinds of Pet Laser Surgery We Offer?

Pet laser surgery is much like the procedures used on people. The process involves using a high-level laser that makes changes to the skin and tissue to create the desired outcome. Because it does not involve traditional incisions, it reduces the risk of infection and speeds up healing. It can also be less painful and require less downtime for your pet. For all of these reasons, we strive to provide the most comprehensive of options for our patients. We offer several types of laser procedures including:

  • Laser declawing to remove claws from indoor cats in a less painful manner

  • Laser spay and neuter, which speeds up recovery and helps ensure a less stressful procedure

  • Laser mass removals, which reduce the risk of blood loss and encourages faster healing

Our laser surgery for pets is comprehensive. We use only the most advanced procedures and techniques to ensure your pet always remains safe throughout any situation. Our goal is always to provide you with the information you need as well. If you are considering laser surgery for pets or want to know more about whether or not it is an option for your animal’s care, come in to see us.

Laser Surgery with our Boca Raton Vet Offers Many Benefits Including:

  • Reduces bleeding and the loss of blood by cauterizing the blood vessels faster

  • Reduces the risk of infection because of the superheating that occurs on the incision site, which works to destroy any bacteria present

  • Reduces the pain your pet will feel after the procedure because nerve endings are safely cut.

It is a safe, respected way of providing your pets with the level of care they need for many types of surgical needs. With the help of our veterinarian in Boca Raton, you can get the extensive care and support you need when you need it.

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