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 Orthopedic surgery is a broad term for surgical repair of the bone or joint. A canine or feline that has broken or fractured a bone due to trauma, or one that is suffering from a congenital condition that affects the joint, may require orthopedic surgery. In order to make surgical corrections to the bone, the dog will be referred to a veterinary specialist with training and the appropriate tools. Orthopedic Surgery is the most effective procedure for correcting an affected bone or joint and returning the patient to a normal state of health. Some orthopedic surgeries include:

                             Cruciate ligament repair                          Limb deformity correction

                            Minimally-invasive fracture surgery          Total elbow replacement

                            Total hip replacement                                Ligament and tendon reconstruction

                            Total knee replacement                             Hip and elbow dysplasia repair

                                                                             Specialty Soft Tissue Surgery


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Dr. Bettina Mayer-Roenne D.V.M D.A.C.V.I.M.



Bettina Mayer-Roenne, DVM, DACVIM, attended  the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, Austria and graduated  in 2002. She completed a rotating small animal internship at Cornell  University, Ithaca, NY. In 2004 she returned to Europe and was a staff veterinarian at the Small Animal Internal Medicine Clinic at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Munich, Germany. She then completed a doctorate degree at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, Austria in pathophysiology, where she performed scientific research about growth factor physiology. In 2006 Dr. Mayer-Roenne returned to the US and worked as an emergency and critical care staff veterinarian at Cornell University, NY. During this time she completed the Educational  Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG) certification program. Dr. Mayer-Roenne completed a residency in Small Animal Internal  Medicine at Louisiana State University, in Baton Rouge, LA. There she had the good fortune to work with many great professors amongst them Dr.  Lorrie Gaschen, a very well known veterinary specialist in radiology. Dr. Mayer-Roenne was able to watch and perform over one thousand ultrasound exams under the guidance of veterinary radiologists and  cardiologists while at LSU. Dr. Mayer-Roenne also received extensive  training in endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures during her residency.

Dr. Mayer-Roenne moved to Florida and worked as a staff internist at Pet PB Animal Emergency and Referral Center in Boynton Beach, from 2009 until 2011. She performed almost one thousand ultrasound exams while working at Pet PB and hundreds of endoscopic procedures, ultrasound guided aspirates and biopsies.

Dr. Mayer-Roenne became a Diplomate of the ACVIM (DACVIM) in 2011. She is a  member of multiple veterinary associations, amongst them the ACVIM, AVMA, FVMA, and AAFP.

From  2011 until 2014 Dr. Mayer-Roenne worked part time for IDEXX  laboratories as an internal medicine and dermatology phone consultant  and performed over 20,000 phone consultations with small animal veterinarians all over the US and Canada. She was able to help many pets by interpreting laboratory test results, and discussing the most up to date testing and treatment options with their veterinarians.

In  2013, while still working for IDEXX, Dr. Mayer-Roenne started her mobile internal medicine practice and has become very busy very quickly.  She has been working full time for her practice since the beginning of  2015 and has truly enjoyed becoming a consultant and team member of many local small animal hospitals in Palm Beach county. Since starting her practice she added seven different endoscopes to be able to provide the entire range of endoscopic procedures in all sizes of cats and dogs. She has performed hundreds of advanced ultrasound guided and endoscopic procedures in general veterinary practices with great success.

Dr.  Mayer-Roenne has published veterinary research articles and case reports and has been a speaker at many local, national and international  veterinary meetings. She is able to provide the most up to date  veterinary medicine by reading many scientific journals, attending yearly veterinary conferences and continuing education seminars and clinics for ACVIM diplomates.

ultra Ultrasounds are the same technology used to generate sonograms during human pregnancy, uses sound waves transmitted into the body to create an imageUltrasound is a very non-invasive modality that has no side effects, although occasionally mild sedation is needed to help an anxious patient remain still so a clear image can be captured





Dr. Jon Klarsfeld, known as "Dr. Jon", is the proud owner and operator of Mobile Dental Vet. Dr. Jon is dedicated to the proper diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance of oral disease. Through Mobile Dental Vet, he, along with his  trained dental technicians, has fulfilled a need in the South Florida Veterinary Community for high quality pet dental care. Dr. Klarsfeld graduated from Cornell University with a focus in Animal Science and went on to obtain his veterinary degree from Louisiana State University. For five years, Dr. Klarsfeld served as a veterinary dental resident. He has successfully performed over 7,500 general and advanced dental treatments and surgeries. Dr. Klarsfeld lectured at the World Veterinary Dental Conference on cutting edge dental care. He has also lectured to local veterinarians from Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties concerning pet dentistry. Fully licensed and insured in the State of Florida, Dr. Klarsfeld performs dental procedures with the patient's primary veterinarian who provides medical history, pre-anesthetic testing, and operatory space. Dr. Klarsfeld's practice is limited to dentistry


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