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While an identification collar is a fantastic idea for any pet, this shouldn't be the only form of identification that you use. After all, they can become easily lost or wear down over time which will make it difficult for the pet to be identified. However, a microchip is the perfect complement to your traditional dog tag. This method of identification is permanent and involves the placing of a small identification chip between the shoulder blades of your animal. If your pet is lost or stolen and ends up being taken to a human society, pet shelter or veterinary hospital such as ours then your pet will be scanned to see if they have a chip in place. If they do then a unique identification number will be displayed and this number can be matched up with your details, therefore giving you an even greater chance of getting your pet back safely.

The installation of the microchip is relatively painless for the animal. It is about the size of a grain of rice and will not be felt either by you or your pet during 'day to day activities'. The microchip is inserted between the shoulder blades using a very sharp needle. This helps minimize discomfort in the animal. If your animal is undergoing surgery with us then we will be able to install the chip at the same time, and your pet won't feel a thing! All you need to do is ask us.

If you wish to find out more about the Pet Microchipping service that we offer at Boca Village Animal Hospital, or wish to book an appointment then please do not hesitate to get in touch. With the cost of installation of our microchip, the first year of registration will be easily taken care of online for you by one of our trained employees. This means that your pet can remain safe with the minimum amount of effort on your part.


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